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Homeowner's Association

Management & support Services

At Louie Properties, we can also provide the experience and expertise to equip full Homeowner's Association management and support. Our services can be tailored to met the specific needs of the HOA. We have extensive resource in financial planning, maintenance, grounds keeping, and asset management. 

Collection of monthly dues from each unit owner & sending late notices for dues not received on time

Personally participating & attending homeowner's association meetings 

Louie Properties


Preparation of annual budget & monthly financial statements

24 hours a day, 365 days of maintenance coverage for emergencies

Collection of bids from multiple vendors as needed for routine or special projects & services

Executing routine inspections of the grounds & monitoring the association to lower liability exposure

Issuing payments for the association (i.e. water, trash, insurance premiums, taxes, & common area maintenance

Full Service HOA Management

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