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Questions From Property Owners

How much are the management fees?

       Louie Properties offers a competitively priced fee structure that varies between 4 to 10% of total property income. Please make an appointment with us so that we can assess your property and give you a specific management fee quote. 

How do you determine the rent rate?

       Proprietary metrics developed by the leasing team at Louie Properties will assist in thorough research on current market rates and comparables of vacant units nearby. We also take into account unit upgrades, amenities, finishes, neighborhood appeal and safety, as well as demand. 

How do you decide which tenants to approve?

       We do not. You do! The leasing team at Louie Properties will do all the head work. We will pre-screen each application by examining rental history, employment, verifying an applicant's sufficient funding, as well as reviewing the credit report. All applications will be sent to you, the owner, for your review and decision. 

Who inspects my property?

       To optimize our resources efficiently, Louie Properties asks that all vendors and employees report back each time they visit properties. We have an in house inspector that conducts a thorough walk through of property exteriors. Owners also have the option of viewing their commercial or multi unit properties at their fingertips, with security camera installation and private login on their smartphone or home computer. 

What types of properties do you manage and where?

       Louie Properties manages residential, commercial, and homeowners associations. These properties are located in Southern California, and are large in range from Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County. 

How do I keep track of my investment income?

       Louie Properties provides a fully itemized monthly report for each owner as well as year end accounting statements. 

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