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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process like?

       Please visit the Application Forms tab on our page for instructions on how to apply.

Do you look at income or credit score?

       We do take both income and credit score into consideration when consulting with owners for approval. No, there is no set credit score required, and no, there is no income requirement. We look at the whole package; i.e. if an applicant has sufficient income, good overall credit history, no late payments, job security, and is a well rounded applicant. 

Is there a fee to apply?

       Yes, we charge a $35 screening fee to apply. We accept cash or check in person or check mailed to our office. We do not charge to view the property. Showings are open. We do not accept electronic funds and we never ask for upfront fees before signing a lease. If someone asks you for payment to view a property or deposit payment before signing a lease, please be cautious as they do not represent Louie Properties and it may be a scam. 

How much is the security deposit?

       Security deposit amounts range from 1.5 - 2 months of the rent rate.

How do I lock down a rental?

       After you have thoroughly viewed the unit and your application is approved, we will make an appointment with you to sign the lease agreement and pay the security deposit + 1st month's rent. We do not accept electronic funds, nor do we ask for any move-in fees prior to signing the lease. 

Is the screening fee refundable if I don't get approved?

       Louie Properties will perform a pre-screen of applications prior to running the credit. If the  application does not pass the initial screening, we will refund the $35 screening fee and will not perform the credit check. We understand the difficult process of applying for multiple units and know that the paying of multiple credit check fees can add up. However, if we did perform the screening, we can not refund the fee and will provide you a copy of your credit report. 

Can I have a cosigner?

       We are open to cosigners on an application. The cosigner will have to submit an application, have their credit report ran, and submit their bank statements and pay stubs. Please keep in mind that having a cosigner does not guarantee approval. 

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